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Miracle Stables Pony Rides

Text Box: We come early to set up a corral area for the ponies 
(anywhere but cement or asphalt)

Our ponies are clean and groomed and well-kept and come
decorated with ribbons for the party

Our ponies are hand-led by experienced handlers

We clean up after our ponies

We bring two ponies to maximize the number of children
who can ride

Two ponies in one hour can give 
602 minute rides
403 minute rides
304 minute rides

We offer two package options:

Text Box: Your business pays us and the rides are free to your guests.
You provide the ponies and the guests pay, with you only making up the difference should there be one.



$175.00 Harlan, Indiana area

$185.00 Grabill, Leo/Cedarville, Woodburn, Hicksville areas

$195.00 Butler, Auburn areas

$200.00 New Haven area

All other areas please call for pricing (260) 657-5900


(260) 657-5900 QUESTIONS? E-mail Us

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